£ 135.00

The small purse has been designed to look after small coins, keys and items that can easily be lost or that can slip out of pockets. A modern-day essential which can be stored in a bag, or slotted into a jacket or trouser pocket.

Product Characteristics 

This product has been lovingly hand-crafted using British bridle leather in London, just a short distance from the City where the brand was first established and where Sir John Pound was born. Produced using the finest vegetable-tanned hides and lovingly finished with traditional British bridle leather, John Pound products use heritage design cues to influence the modern-day products. The product is hand-stitched and  finished  by leather craftspeople in London. 


This design is inspired by the corners from an early John Pound trunk. Finished in Black and Blue but with protective corner studs, we have used this 'cutout' studwork to influence this newer pattern and the colours are a recurring theme throughout the brand. 


We only use the finished, selected skins for our product. Produced using the finest, vegetable-tanned hides and loving hand-finished to create a beautiful but traditional British bridle leather. 


Height: 9.5cm


This product is handmade in London by British craftspeople. It has a wait list of 2 weeks from receipt of order. We will email to let you know when your beautiful John Pound Zip Purse is on its way to you.