John Pound is the oldest luggage brand in the world. Starting life in the City of London in 1823 making leather goods, trunks and luggage for the gentry from its base in Leadenhall Street, the brand pre-dates all other luggage houses. 

Sir John Pound was the son of the founder, taking over the business in the 1860s. By 1871 the company was one of the biggest of its kind in the UK, and operated from 3 factories and had stores all across central London.

John Pound was also a great entrepreneur and philanthropist, helping to shape the city of London and its society by supporting charities and raising funds for good causes such as the unemployed of the City of London. He also assisted with buying the land for the City of London School and tirelessly raised money for Epping Forest. Additionally he was also Chairman of the London Buses. He became Lord Mayor of London in 1904 and was knighted in 1905 for services to business and the community. John Pounds work is still helping Londoners today – something that we continue to celebrate and embrace in the brand.