John pound craft leather goods handmade in london

John Pound, established in 1823, made fine leather goods in their London workshops. We will remain true to this tradition and continue to make our products nearby, where they are lovingly hand-crafted using British bridle leather.

Product Characteristics 

This product has been lovingly hand-crafted using British bridle leather in London, just a short distance from the City where the brand was first established and where Sir John Pound was born. Produced using the finest vegetable-tanned hides and lovingly finished with traditional British bridle leather, John Pound products use heritage design cues to influence the modern-day products. The product is hand stitched and the edge is paired and finished many times by leather craftspeople in London. 


We only use the finished, selected skins for our product. Produced using the finest, vegetable-tanned hides which are then lovingly hand-finished to create a beautiful, but traditional British bridle leather.